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Lessons Learned in Failing Fast

February 20th, 2016 | 9a-4p


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Why Are We Doing This?

Give Back

We've all heard the saying that "it takes a village to raise a child". When you turn that into an analogy about software, our products/projects are the children, and the whole world is the village. The info we'll share in our sessions are our attempt to throw our ideas, theories, mistakes, and whatever else we can think of back into the village. We hope it helps, even if it is just a little bit…

Content Marketing

You probably weren’t expecting that honest of an answer, were you? We are doing some really great stuff here at The Dude, and we need amazing engineers to help us do that. Hopefully some smart folks out there are searching for a new way to build their widgets and find our learnings helpful. After sitting in on a couple more sessions, they realize that we may be a great place for them to come work. Voila. Content marketing FTW!

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Things to Share


Lessons learned, applied, and tried in building products and platforms.


Building best in class teams and people.


Defining and applying processes in the right ways.


Saturday, February 20th 2016




Scaling Agile, The Dude Way

Scaling agile is the new hotness. In fact, some would say it is so hot that it has already jumped the shark. Dude Solutions combined multiple agile approaches into a successful, unique recipe for scaling agile. Our speakers walk you through the iterations the Dude took along this journey. Learn how we applied portions of Lean, Scrum, Spotify, SaFE, and others into what we refer to as "The Agile Donut". Yes, we are serious. We really do call it "The Agile Donut". This recipe enabled Dude Solutions to grow from 5 to 30+ engineers and ship 5 products in less than 12 months. Applied appropriately, we believe "The Agile Donut" can help you achieve similar results.



Building Consumable APIs with Auto-Generated SDKs

Development teams spend an enormous amount of time building an API. How do you know it is consumable? We'll provide a look at how the Dude takes a contract first approach to building its APIs and the benefits of auto generated SDKs.



You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

Overcoming the personal challenges of going from a waterfall environment to an agile environment.



Agile Architecture

Building an architecture to support the development of a platform, various products, and sustaining massive growth-fueled change while operating in an agile environment.



Scaling Angular in Enterprise Apps

Building large scale Angular apps has its challenges. See how Dude Solutions uses patterns and process to scale Angular apps across multiple development teams, code bases, and products.



Delivering the Dude: Continuous X

The process of building and deploying software can be tedious, difficult, and problem-prone. Even more challenging is building a continuous integration and delivery platform that can be flexible and adaptive to your agile software teams. Take a sneak peek into how Dude Solutions revamped and replaced their entire continuous integration and delivery process with a brand new environment and toolset in just under 3 months! We will share our experiences: the good, the bad, and the ugly.


Hops & Hacks

Do you like beer? Do you like to play with technology? Come find out why Dude Solutions does Hackathons.

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